Episode 2

Why I’m not a ‘Growth Marketer’

We all know that marketing needs to be authentic and tell believable stories. But aside from the marketing itself, the marketing leaders behind those strategies need to be authentic and believable too. Christina Mautz from Moz tells us why, and how she puts this principle into practice every day on the job.

This authenticity starts with the hiring process. When asked if she was a growth marketer, Christina replied. “No, I’m not.” A gutsy move in the current economic scenario, some may say. Listen to know what she did say, and how it landed her the job anyway.

Erica and Christina also explore why being a ‘consultant’ is not necessarily a bad thing when applying for a full-time marketing leadership role.

Christina shares her take on the ideal first 90 days as CMO, and the challenges and opportunities as she went about taking the reins as CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) as well as CMO at Moz.

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