Episode 6

The True Value of a Fractional CMO, with Todd Wilms 3-Part Fractional CMO Special: Part 2

Todd is a fractional CMO in the Bay Area and also the co-author of the book ‘Beyond Product.' He's on the board of directors of MOCCA (Marketing Operations Cross-company Alliance) and has previously served Verisign, Neustar, SAP, and IBM in a variety of senior marketing roles.

Highlights from Todd and Erica’s conversation include:

- Who needs a fractional CMO and when (hint: It’s not just for early-stage companies)

- Advantages of fractional CMOs:

--Upscale your marketing strategy without the expenses of a full-time CMO

--Get rich perspectives and cross-pollinate ideas

-When not to hire a fractional CMO (hint: when what you actually need is a lead gen manager!)

-Measures of success with fractional CMOs: Is it the number of hours served or the nature of the value and seasoned expertise that they bring?

-The secret value of a Fractional CMO (It’s more than the marketing expertise but you won’t hear it in the pitch!)

-How to pick the right fractional CMO: Advice for CEOs

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